Village Committees, Commissions and Boards


Planning Commission

Joseph Birbaum, Chairperson

Joseph Owens

Michael Bickler

Brian Waltersdorf

Dave Barquist

Ray Foster, Jr.

Flora Cameron

Russ Kohl, alternate member


Architectural Control Board

James Perkins, Chairperson

Michael Bickler

Sharon McNellis

Sandy Eppers

Rick Andritsch

Russ Kohl

Amy Zea

Jeff Fellows, alternate member


Board of Zoning Appeals

Paul Fischer, Chairperson

Red Reynolds

Peter Hirt,

Steve Fleming

Michael Bickler

Bill Denton, First Alternate


Finance Committee

Paul Fischer, Chairperson

Joseph Birbaum

Michael Bickler

Chris Shult

Michael Altschaefl


Water Quality--Subcommittee of Public Safety

Jerry McNellis, Chairperson

Betty Jo Nelsen