To Control Fires

The Village Board of Oconomowoc Lake do ordain as follows:

15.01 General Rules

    1. No person shall kindle, start, or allow to continue any fire within the Village of Oconomowoc Lake during a high wind, or at any time or in any manner that will create a hazard to any property.
    2. All fires must be extinguished by nightfall, except by special permission of the Chief of Police.

15.02 Burning of Trash

Household trash shall be burned only in controlled receptacles of substantial construction, made of metal, concrete, brick, or a combination of these materials, with vents or openings adequately covered or screened to prevent the escape of sparks or burning embers. Such burners may be inspected by the Village Police Department to insure compliance with all regulations.

15.03 Burning of Leaves and Grass

    1. The burning over of any extensive ground area (more than 500 square feet) shall not be done without written permission of the Chief of Police.
    2. Before kindling a grass or leaf fire, a person shall have on hand and in readiness either: (a) a garden hose attached to a source of water under pressure or (b) a tank or pails filled with water or (c) portable fire extinguishing equipment of suitable size and capacity. Besides one of the foregoing, beating equipment such as brooms or burlap sacks must also be available.
    3. Persons starting grass fires, or any fire for the disposal of leaves or lawn rubbish, shall remain in constant attendance of such fire, or make suitable provisions for such attendance, and must be ready and able to check such fires and keep it under control at all times.